So small!

Saint Theresa of Avila says that we should have high expectations for holiness. Nothing to do with pride, as we try and do our poor little best, cooperating with God’s almighty grace. Just like us, Juventutem is but a tiny and imperfect tool. We are but a handful of youths spread thin all over the world. Lack of time and of money makes it rather difficult for us to travel across the oceans and meet with each other.

Thanks be to God, we don’t need to invent anything, since Holy Mother Church has everything ready for us. Valuable Roman traditions served by dedicated pastors are becoming more and more appreciated nowadays. Several of us who are still unable to attend the special Roman rite (Roman Missal revised by Blessed John XXIII in 1962) on a regular basis can nevertheless read a lot about it on the Internet, see pictures and videos, and occasionally, on pilgrimages or other faith gatherings, attend Holy Masses offered in that most venerable liturgy.

Whatever the distances, our mutual prayer and our shared interest for the holy traditions of the Church know no border. If you are young and attracted by the Roman traditions of the Catholic Church, you are welcome to join us, already through prayer. We pray for you.

Beside our individual correspondents in the various countries listed above, we have groups in the 15 following countries: Ireland, France, Hungary, England, Scotland, The Netherlands, Italy, Chile, Australia, Brazil, Lithuania, Columbia, Kenya, Hong Kong and Argentina.