Our means

Our common aspiration as Juventutem  members is to draw our sanctification from the traditional liturgy and spirituality of Holy Mother Church. Having discovered what a valuable support the 1962 Roman rite is to our souls, as well as the doctrinal presentations of the divine truths so eloquently expressed by that very special form of the Roman rite, we desire to use them always more fruitfully. To which end we require the support of prayer, friendship and learning. Those values we expect to use and share through Juventutem, as much as it pleases Our Blessed Lord and His Mother Immaculate. The more we will assimilate the Roman traditions of the Church so as to be sanctified in them, the more God will touch other people through us. Thus we will find our fulfillment in humbly and joyfully helping to forward God’s grace across His creation.


Added on the three commitments that anchor each member's day and week, a meeting of the members should take place on a regular basis. The backbone of the Juventutem activities would seem to be this monthly meeting including an informal meal, a doctrinal talk given by a (sound) cleric, preceded by Holy Mass (whenever the "forma extraordinaria" is made available) and/or followed with Holy Hour. This meeting does naturally not forbid friendly recreation, such as watching together an appropriate film for instance.